Gareth Cliff US Election Trump

Photo: Gareth Cliff / Twitter

Shame, Gareth Cliff isn’t happy with the US Election results

Gareth Cliff has made no secret of his support for Donald Trump – but he’s been flagged by Instagram for calling the US Election ‘fraudulent’.

Gareth Cliff US Election Trump

Photo: Gareth Cliff / Twitter

Gareth Cliff has certainly had better weeks. On Tuesday, the TV host ended up costing eNCA and eTV R10 000, after a controversial interview aired unchecked on his So What Now programme. Meanwhile, the last 24 hours haven’t been too kind to him either: As a Trump supporter, he’s had to watch Joe Biden edge his way past Donald in the US Election.

US Election results latest – Biden on the brink

Trump raced into an early lead, but with an unprecedented number of voters taking to mail-in ballots, the counting process has been extended. Many Republicans voted in person, where the results were delivered earlier. But in the past 48 hours, those postal submissions have put Joe Biden on the brink of the presidency.

Gareth Cliff immediately cried foul. He’s bought into a discredited conspiracy theory about Biden’s win in Michigan, which claims thousands of votes were added onto the Democrat’s total fraudulently. You can read why this information is false – quite comprehensively – in this fact-checking report.

Gareth Cliff ‘flagged for false information’ on Instagram

Cliff shared an inaccurate image, which was immediately flagged by officials on Instagram:

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Gareth Cliff slams fact-checkers

How did Gareth Cliff take this virtual ‘offside flag’, we hear you ask? Yeah, not too well. Following Trump’s lead, he launched into a tirade about the mainstream media and polling organisations. Cliff stated he had ‘no respect’ for fact-checkers, and when you consider that he hosts an actual TV news show, it’s an outstanding claim to make…

“Pollsters, mainstream media organizations and “fact-checkers” are exactly the same as hotline psychics and astrologers. If you want to believe them, you go ahead. The reality is consistently so very different from their projections or assertions (including on COVID) that their credibility is indisputably in tatters.

“Fact-checkers are left-wing hacks and I have no respect for them at all. Time for them to be set on fire and thrown out. They’re not credible. Self-appointed. Biased. Untrustworthy. If you rely on fact-checkers you’re really stupid, gullible, or ideologically myopic.”

Gareth Cliff