road rage

Image via @Abramjee Twitter

Watch: Fists fly in a fit of festive season road rage [video]

A video of a man getting beaten up during an altercation caused by road rage, is a reminder to stay calm on the road this festive season.

road rage

Image via @Abramjee Twitter

In a video posted on Twitter on Thursday 19 December 2019, a man can be seen getting beaten up at his car during a road rage incident. 

Now that it’s the festive season, we all want things to run smoothly. We want to be on time for that braai, we want to avoid unplanned happenings and dodge any arguments with our loved ones.

Because we want everything to be perfect during this merry time, we can easily get frustrated when someone isn’t driving to our standards on the road, and this frustration can easily lead to an ugly fit of road rage. 

Road rage video 

The video shows a man next to his vehicle throwing his car keys at a white Audi. When the keys hit the car, the driver immediately breaks and gets out of his car to approach the man. 

It is not known what provoked the man to throw his keys at the car which led to this incident of road rage.

The driver of the white Audi gets out of his vehicle and walks straight up to the man. He can be seen screaming until he eventually reaches him and starts punching him with both hands. 

A woman in the car behind them can be heard screaming about the display of road rage.

The man tries to cover his face, but the man punches him all over his body until he eventually falls to the ground. 

A bystander walks up to them and tells the driver to stop assaulting the man. The Audi driver walks away while the bystander checks on the man laying on the ground. 

Watch: Man gets beaten up in road rage incident

Tips to stay calm on the road   

According to Arrive Alive, these are the best tips to stay calm on the road, especially during the festive season.  

  • Forget work or home worries, concentrate on driving;
  • Plan your journey to reduce anxiety and stress;
  • Adopt a positive mental attitude – to help with frustration;
  • Playing music can reduce stress;
  • Don’t try to change other drivers attitudes during a road rage incident, you can only change your own;
  • Be courteous and stay calm if provoked;
  • Count from 1-10 (it’s old and it works!); and
  • Don’t retaliate by sounding your horn, flashing your lights or gesturing, this will only aggravate the situation. 

If you are faced with aggressive behaviour

  • Stay calm;
  • Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver so as not to exacerbate the situation;
  • Do not respond to provocative words or actions;
  • Do not respond to disrespectful words or actions; and
  • Do what you can to avoid conflict.

How to avoid road rage incidents 

  • Remain in your vehicle, make sure the windows are shut and doors locked;
  • Avoid arguing with the aggressive driver, looking at the person or making provocative gestures, this will initiate a case of road rage;
  • Leave the area and go to a place where you can get help;
  • Do not go home if the aggressive driver is following you;
  • If you’re in traffic and can’t drive away, pick up your cellphone and show the person you are calling the police;
  • If the person doesn’t back off, honk your horn to attract the attention of other drivers; and
  • Note the make of the other driver’s car and his or her licence plate.