Image: Country Woman in cannabis SA / Facebook

Pics: ‘Country Woman in cannabis SA’ shows off unbelievable weed

Have you ever seen so much cannabis in your life? This is why ‘Country Woman in cannabis SA’ went viral. Took a look at this Mzansi.


Image: Country Woman in cannabis SA / Facebook

‘Country Woman in cannabis SA’ has shown off what can be described as a wealth of cannabis crops. Raw plants and dried weed. She posted images that went viral on Facebook with nearly 2500 shares.


The pictures were uploaded on Facebook by the group named ‘Country Woman in cannabis SA’ by one of its popular admins named Nzuzie Cannabise Queen Jah. It features nearly 30 images that would make a weed festival look limited.

Information about the group confirms that it was started a year ago, and members now stand at 21 700 – while its exact location in South Africa is not revealed.

Tuesday’s viral post earned 2500 shares, 340 comments and 607 likes as of Thursday 25 November. The pictures were uploaded without any caption to let the images speak for themselves…

Take a look at the images:

What Queen Jah and the group exactly do is not clear but a recent post suggested they do conference events in the Eastern Cape.

“Today we close the work of 2020/2021 we will open again next year .so we give jah people, so we will meet at the Conference at Port St. Johns next week,” the group said.

It’s been around three years since our law amended the cannabis bill, yet many of us are still confused about what’s legal and whatnot.

Ask any South African if weed cannabis is legal or not in this country and you’ll most likely get an unassured answer. Some people might say yes it is legal but will struggle to explain how.

The state parliament approved the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill in September 2018. The bill allows adults to smoke in private homes, grow the substance, and exchange it with other persons in public but all under specific quantity limits.

So now that we understand the legal part, weed still remains subject to some relevant laws which could find a person in the back of a police van. The most standout law from the list of illegal rules is the prohibited selling of weed. It is against the law.

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