Durban Python snake

Photo: KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation / Facebook

KZN residents stunned as giant Python slithers through suburbs [photos]

It’s believed that a Python slithered its way down to Waterfall, KZN from Kloof Gorge, as the four-metre beast made its presence felt in the province.

Durban Python snake

Photo: KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation / Facebook

We’re not big fans of having an uninvited guest round at the best of times. But when they show up at the side of the road just as you’re just returning home, things don’t get much worse than that. Unless, oh let’s say, this particular visitor is actually a four-metre-long Python that’s slithering across the driveway. Only in KZN, eh?

Wolf and Val Sperryn first spotted the Python

Durban Python: Where was it spotted?

This is the bizarre fate which confronted Wolf and Val Sperryn of Waterfall this week. The elderly couple pulled up alongside the reptilian creature as it dragged all 13-feet of itself into a patch of Iris flowers. Somewhat dumbfounded by the fact they’d just crossed paths with one of nature’s most feared predators, they started making some phone calls.

Durban Python snake
Nick’s wife Joelle also helped with the capture.

The authorities eventually patched them through to local conservation expert and KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s Nick Evans. He arrived on the scene within minutes and began the skin-crawling process of trying to capture this snake-on-the-loose.

Local conservationist saves the day

A bit of wrestling ensued, as the Python wrapped its tail around both of Evans’ wrists. He grabbed its head and wrapped the body around his shoulders. But the hard work was far from over – the animal fought back, in the most disgusting way imaginable. Hey, these guys do what they have to in order to survive…

“There was nothing I could then do about the Python’s best defence-mechanism: It projectile pooed and peed on me! All down the side of my body, soaking my clothes and left slop. Yuck! Val and Wolf had a good chuckle. I just had to stand there and take it like a man.”

“By the time I stepped out, I could feel the circulation in my head going, and I was starting to feel light-headed, so I lifted it off and put it on the ground. My wrist also lost a bit of circulation! Once on the ground, the python was surprisingly calm. It wasn’t making much of an effort to move away.”

Nick Evans

Everything we know about the Durban Python

An attempted break for freedom then occurred, but Evans was quick to subdue the creature and get it caged-up securely. It’s worth noting that the snake will only be in captivity for the next 24 hours or so, as the relevant authorities attempt a safe release into the wild.

  • Evans has established that, at 13ft / 3.9m in height, it’s one of the longest snakes he’s ever handled.
  • It also weighed in at a whopping 31kg.
  • Pythons aren’t actually venomous, but their razor-sharp teeth are capable of chewing up dassies and geese in the wild.
  • The expert believes this snake had slithered down from Kloof Gorge.
  • For the record, it is illegal to kill, keep or sell Pythons in South Africa. Just let them be.
Nick Evans with his new mate, a 13ft Python.