30 December is bacon day. Image: Pixabay

A must-have for breakfast – It’s Bacon Day!

30 December is Bacon Day, cook up this delicious treat for breakfast and learn more about the long history of bacon


30 December is bacon day. Image: Pixabay

Nothing can beat the crunchy goodness of bacon and 30 December is a day dedicated to this breakfast favorite, it’s Bacon Day!

History of bacon day

Its origins can be traced back to the Middle Ages, with the word “Bacoun” originating in Middle English.

Following it back, it is known as Bako in France, Bakko in Germany, and Backe in old Teutonic.

What does it reveal about this breakfast treat if all of these words mean “back”? You’ve got it –  it’s made from the pig’s back!

However, those mentioned above are not even the oldest examples. The first of its kind, known as ‘Petaso,’ was thought to have come from the Romans.

Making bacon has a long history as a popular method of preserving meat and adding flavor to it by soaking it in a specialized brine.

Certain breeds of pigs, such as the Yorkshire and Tamworth, were specifically bred for their abundant back meat.

It was not always used to refer to the back meat.

Originally, the term referred to any type of preserved pork, but that usage fell out of favor in the 17th century.

Some definitions of this remain debatable.

What Americans refer to as bacon differs from what their northern neighbors, the Canadians, refer to as it.

What Americans call “bacon” is referred to as “streaky,” “rashers,” or “crispy bacon” in England.

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