Crate Challenge

Photo: Screenshot from video.

Crate Challenge craze hits SA: The higher they climb, the harder they fall [watch]

The viral Crate Challenge spread from the US to SA. This YouTuber put R500 on the line. How much would tempt you to take the risk?

Crate Challenge

Photo: Screenshot from video.

The Crate Challenge, which involves stacking a bunch of crates as high as possible before climbing to the peak and making it down the other side, has taken social media by storm. The crates give way beneath the feet of most of the people that attempt the challenge and many have been injured by the fall.


The trend originated in the United States and was dubbed the “The Milk Crate Challenge”, which appears to be the most widely available crate in that country but as the challenge spread to other countries participants made do with what was available.

The crate challenge was always going to end up in South Africa – it was inevitable. Some people believed the crate of choice would be beer crates – which are not in short supply across the country – and appear to be much sturdier than the American milk crate.

An enterprising YouTuber King Oumar (KOINTHECUT) who is believed to be the first person to bring the Crate Challenge to South Africa used bright red Coca-Cola crates for the 41-minute video. As soon as a clip from the YouTube video hit Twitter it went viral.

The title of the video claimed the winners – people who clambered across the crates successfully – would win $5000. KOINTHECUT, however, said a more modest R500 was up for grabs but the prize money would be cut as soon as five people made it through “because [he] doesn’t want to break [his] bank.”


The dangers of falling from such heights onto hard crates shouldn’t need to be stressed but it is important to remember that the last thing hospitals in South Africa – and the rest of the world – need right now is to deal with avoidable injuries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An orthopaedic surgeon from Virginia in the US warned participants that the injuries caused by the challenge may fall under the umbrella of “elective surgeries.”

The Crate Challenge is also not approved by the FDA. Conan O’Brien, the comedian and talk show host, jokingly tweeted that he would only do the Milk Crate Challenge if the regulator approves it.

“Although we regulate milk, we can’t recommend you try that. Perhaps enjoy a nice glass of 2% and return all those crates to the grocery store?” said the FDA.