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You can now purchase a ‘non-returnable’ coffin on Takealot

Do you scroll through Takealot looking for a coffee machine or a new gown? Well, don’t be alarmed if you see a coffin for sale, too.

coffins funeral services

Image via: Adobe Stock

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic — something some of us didn’t think we would encounter. Some of us also probably never thought we would see the day where a coffin would be sold on an online store like Takealot… but here we are.  

Believe it or not, Takealot is selling a coffin, here are the details of the sale. 


Don’t believe it? All it takes is a search of the word “coffin” on the Takealot app to be sure.

According to the post on Takealot, the brown, wooden coffin — 67 x 210 x 44cm — is for sale for R4 899 and has come down from its original price of R5 500. 

While there’s free delivery, the online store has warned possible customers that it’s non-returnable. 

The description of the product reads: 

“Most popular and traditional style veneer coffins are manufactured using real wood. The wood veneer is laminated either onto chipboard. Machine cut and hand-polished with a variety of wood effects and opens at the top or bottom.” 

As of Tuesday 7 July, there are no customer reviews on the product. 

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Some Twitter users were shocked to say the least. 

“I keep thinking this Takealot coffin thing is a hoax. But it’s really true. Right there on their website. You can purchase a coffin,” said a Twitter user. 

“Now that you can buy a coffin on Takealot I guess bye-bye funeral policies, bye-bye funeral parlours … Is this the new we need to accept?” asked another.

According to Business Insider, the coffins are available at Takealot’s Cape Town warehouse, and those in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria can expect the product within two to five working days.

For customers in other areas, delivery can take from two to seven working days.


Speaking of unexpected sales, it wasn’t too long ago that a parking bay in Cape Town went on sale for R1.1 million. Yes, a parking bay. 

Apparently, a 14-square-metre parking spot in Clifton, overlooking the ocean, going for over R1 million is somewhat acceptable. 

The parking space, marketed by none other than Pam Golding properties, boasts amazing views. 

“This is a rare opportunity to purchase a rooftop parking bay at San Michele. Enjoy the convenience of secure parking. Purchase price includes VAT,” the company said.