world marriage day

12 February is world marriageday. Image: Pixabay

Celebrate your vows – it’s world marriage day

World marriage day is celebrated on the second Sunday of February; its symbol represents two people as candle-like figures

world marriage day

12 February is world marriageday. Image: Pixabay

On world marriage day, we celebrate all aspects of marriage, and it’s the perfect day to pop the question to your significant other, tie the knot, or show appreciation for your spouse.

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History of world marriage day

An American organization named Worldwide Marriage Encounter established this day, which also relates to the Catholic marriage movement.

It takes place on the second Sunday of February each year.

The goal of the day is to celebrate “husband and wife as the foundation of the family.”

Also to honor marriage as a symbol of faithfulness, sacrifice, and joy in everyday life.

The celebration of this day began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the early 1980s.

This as a grass-roots movement of couples who asked the mayor, governor, and bishop to recognize St. Valentine’s Day as “We Believe in World Marriage Day.”

Celebrated on the second day of February

In 1983, the name changed to “world marriage day” and moved to the second Sunday of February.

Pope John Paul II officially blessed this day in 1993.

Today, celebrations continue to grow and spread worldwide, across different religions.

The symbol of this day day represents two people as candle-like figures.

Showing that the love in a marriage brings light to everyone.

The symbol unites the couple with a heart, highlighting the power of love and unity that can bring life and inspiration to others.