Gupta complex Dubai

Photo: Supplied / DA

Saxonwold Dubai? Here’s where the Guptas have been ‘hiding out’

A top Free State politician has travelled to the ‘lavish complex’ that has housed the Guptas in Dubai, for the past four years.

Gupta complex Dubai

Photo: Supplied / DA

You wouldn’t expect anything less, really. The DA has identified a ‘luxury complex that the Guptas have called home, ever since the architects of state capture fled South Africa for Dubai in early 2018. It’s definitely giving us those Saxonwold vibes…

Guptas blamed for provincial, national damage

Roy Jankielsohn is the DA’s Free State leader. He has more axes to grind with the Guptas than most, given that their state capture looting spree heavily plundered the province’s fiscal resources. It’s estimated that the Indian billionaires took over R300 million from the local government.

Scandals such as the Vrede Dairy Project – which was nothing but a mere front for corrupt activities – have caused catastrophic damage to Free State and its coffers. Although Atul and Rajesh Gupta are now being held in a Dubai jail, Jankielsohn isn’t prepared to sit on his laurels.

The politician has reiterated his calls for the ‘swift extradition’ of the brothers, so they can come home and be held accountable for the crimes they committed against the South African state. He has urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to ‘speed-up’ the process.

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And, as part of his plea, Jankielsohn made a little stop-off at the lavish dwelling where the Guptas have been evading justice for the past four years. As far as hideouts go, they don’t get much more swanky than this…

Guptas Dubai
The sprawling complex sits in a quieter part of Dubai – Photo: Supplied / DA

Ramaphosa told to ‘speed-up’ extradition of state capture architects

The ANC leader addressed the nation last night, vowing to change the way corruption is dealt with in SA. Though his speech was largely dry and uneventful, the DA believe this is the perfect time to turn words into action – by bringing the Guptas back to the scene of the crime.

“Last week I was able to see first-hand the lavish lifestyle that the Guptas enjoyed in Dubai in a luxury housing complex in an impressive city. while 63% of Free Staters – who are victims of corruption – live in poverty without basic services.”

“President Ramaphosa must expedite the extradition of the Gupta brothers to South Africa from Dubai. Every day that their extradition is delayed is a day that the people of the Free State are being denied justice.”

“The arrest of the Guptas, and the hope that they will soon be extradited to be held accountable for their theft of Free State resources, will be a step in the right direction in the fight against provincial state capture and corruption.” | Roy Jankielsohn