Gwede Mantashe

A protester in Soweto let rip when it came to discussing Gwede Mantashe – Photo: Twitter / eNCA

‘Look how big his stomach is!’ – Protester ROASTS Gwede Mantashe live on-air

That’s a punch in the gut for Gwede Mantahse: An animated protester in Soweto went viral for his criticism of the minister this week…

Gwede Mantashe

A protester in Soweto let rip when it came to discussing Gwede Mantashe – Photo: Twitter / eNCA

Gwede Mantashe was subjected to one of the most devastating putdowns witnessed during a live TV interview this week, after protesters in Soweto vented their anger towards the Energy Minister – and his, erm, ‘fuel tank’…

Soweto protesters take aim at Gwede Mantashe

An on-air crossing conducted by eNCA put a spotlight on the sprawling region of Johannesburg, and its struggle for electricity. Dozers of suburbs in Soweto have gone without power for the best part of two years, due to a lack of transformer boxes and maintenance works.

Protests started in Soweto on Monday, and some have carried on throughout the week. With energy being part of his portfolio, locals here feel that Gwede Mantashe is the minister who must answer to the community – but it seems a constructive dialogue is a long way off yet.

That’s because one interviewee – Thabang Moloi – stole the show with an outburst to camera on Tuesday. When asked about his grievances, the gatvol citizen took aim at Mr. Mantashe and his weight, asking the reporter if she had ‘seen the size of his stomach’.

‘Have you seen how big his stomach is?’ – Soweto man tears into minister

The blow was below the belt, but it encapsulated a moment of sheer frustration amongst the Sowetan crowd:

“Have you seen the stomach of Gwede Mantashe? Have you seen how big it is? Look at how he behaves in office… he’s only there because of our votes. But we are sick and tired of him. Soweto is tired.”

Thabang Moloi

Gwede Mantashe ‘held accountable’ for electricity failures

Somewhat predictably, the clip has gone viral over the past 24 hours or so, with both ‘Soweto’ and ‘Gwede Mantashe’ trending on Twitter. At the very least, it’s now hoped that this public outpouring of anger will draw attention to an issue in desperate need of a resolution.