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Watch: SA motorists BAFFLED by truck speeding at ‘over 160km/h’

What the truck? We’ve got footage of another lorry driver behaving badly of Mzansi, after this bozo was seen approaching warp speed…


Photo: Twitter

Good heavens, what have we just witnessed? Footage shared online over the weekend shows a bizarre incident involving a motorist and a truck speeding down a darkened highway. However, this Toyota Quantum driver couldn’t catch up with the lorry – despite clocking 160km/h.

More insanity on Mzansi’s motorways

The entire clip has a spooky feel to it, as the truck ghosts further into the distance during its high-velocity journey. What’s more, it remains unclear exactly when this footage was taken, or indeed, whereabouts it took place.

Once thing is very clear, though. This happened in South Africa. Where else could such nonsense take place, right? The 30-second video was captured by a baffled motorist, who tries his best to keep up with the runaway trucker.

He soon steps off the gas when it becomes apparent this is a risk that is simply not worth taking. The motorist in question also quips that the HGV is being driven by something ‘non-human’…

Watch: Truck surpasses speeds of 160km/h in SA

Truck drivers behaving badly? It’s like Mad Max out there…

Earlier this month, another truck was seen dicing with death, as it drove perilously on the wrong side of a busy carriageway in Mpumalanga. The speeding juggernaut squeezed between cars and HGVs on either side of the road, even forcing other highway users onto the hard shoulder.

This 90 seconds of madness was captured by a concerned motorist using the same route. They did their best to keep pace with the lorry, but due to its unrelenting velocity, those filming had to drop back and keep their distance.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the incident, and the maniacal driver was arrested shortly after the video went viral.