How should parents talk to their children about sex: Image: Adobe stock

Did you get it all this morning? These countries have the MOST sex

Is South Africa featured on this list? Here are the countries with the most sexually active citizens – you might be surprised


How should parents talk to their children about sex: Image: Adobe stock

As taboo as sex might be in some spaces, there is no running away from the fact that it indeed a popular activity amongst people – and it has become more casual with time, particularly as the world encourages a society that is sexually liberated. In 2023, make no mistake about it – from couples, to two random strangers who just met at a bar – society is becoming more comfortable with talking about sex and doesn’t resort to euphemisms as much anymore.



While we assume nobody is really counting, have you ever wondered which countries boast the highest number of sexually active people in the world? Well, thanks to a Durex study, we now have a general idea of exactly which nations do the hanky panky a lot more than others.

10 – Mexico is featured as having some of the most sexually active citizens, according to the study that is. It found that at 71% of the adults have sex at least once a week.

9 – Spain, which is another spanish-speaking country, is also on the list. It may not come as a surprise as Spain is considered one of the most romantic nations in the world. According to the Durex study, 72% of adults in the country do the dirty deed at least once a week.

8 – Switzerland is known for many things, but who would have thought that 72% of its adults have sex once a week? Good for you, Switzerland.

7 – Malaysia is one of very few Asian countries featured on this list, mainly because the continent is known to be conservative. Malaysia stands out because it is multicultural and borderline liberal on several fronts. The study has found that 74% of adults living there have intercourse at least once every seven days.

6 – There is so much to like about Poland. Not only is it known to be one of the most afforable countries to visit in Europe, but 76% of adult citizens in that country have admitted to doing the mattress dance once a week.

5 – Given Italy‘s repulation for having some of the best looking and most passionate people in the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it also features on the list as 76% of adults have sex once a week.

4 – In China, 78% of adult citizens who are sexually active say they engage in the funny business once a week, which might come as a surprise to some people. We’re not sure what the driving factor could be, but some of the delicacies are known to be aphrodisiacs.

3 – The Russian government may have its hands full with its occupation of Ukraine and other events, but one thing 80% of its adult citizens are doing, is sex.

2 – Probably no surprise, 82% of adults in Brazil are jumping each others’ bones. The South American country is home to some of the most scenic beaches, but also the most good looking people.

1 – Drum roll … Greece boasts the highest number of sexually active citizens in the world, with a whopping 87% of adults having sex, at least once a week.