Amarula Jagermeister

Photo: @MildViews / Twitter

Here’s why this Amarula/Jagermeister ‘super-cocktail’ is causing concern

A frequent Twitter user has fallen eerily silent this week – after his Amarula/Jagermeister cocktail split opinion online.

Amarula Jagermeister

Photo: @MildViews / Twitter

You’ve got to have a liver made of iron to handle a glassful of this crazy concoction – and a South African Twitter user has been flexing his creation online. However, the Amarula/Jagermeister mix is now causing concern.

The Amarula/Jagermeister drink causing a stir online

SA’s national liqueur is, incredibly, treated like the mixer in this ‘super-cocktail’. The strong tipple is then paired with the unforgiving spirit of Jagermeister. The ice and straws are completely optional, however.

Some have winced at the drink, whereas others have warmed to the idea. Either way, the man behind the @MildViews Twitter account has certainly created a name for himself online, after this little stunt.

Amarula mixer… what could go wrong?

Hell, going into the experiment, our adventurous taste-tester was confident – and he put his bravado ahead of his well-being, because for some people, KeDezemba is a year-round event.

Alas, his promise to ‘report back in the morning’ was never kept…

Jagermeister ‘super-cocktail’: Where’s the guy behind the beverage?

The intrepid and intoxicated individual has not Tweeted for FIVE DAYS now – and he is very much a regular poster on this social media platform. The concern for his well being has prompted users to share the post thousands of times, with others looking for direct information on his whereabouts.

The super-cocktail itself is being blamed for the man’s silence, with many suggesting the experiment didn’t go down too well. The Amarula/Jagermeister combo has since become one of the biggest talking points on social media – but until its inventor returns to tell us he is safe and sound, the party people of Mzansi might just wanna swerve this.

Well, for now, anyway. It’s not that long until payday, to be fair…