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#NoToZimWorkPermits: Mzansi slams Zimbabweans in Twitter campaign

Locals are claiming Zimbabweans are responsible for youth unemployment. Twitter users have now created a viral #NoToZimWorkPermits campaign.


Image: @TopThestreets / Twitter

The conflict towards Zimbabwean migrants has led to the Twitter campaign #NoToZimWorkPermits. The hashtag has drawn over 10 000 engagements since Monday 8 October.


South Africa’s alarming youth unemployment was pointed at the government until locals seemingly realised Zimbabwean migrants should be blamed.

As reported by The South African on 20 October, the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Holders Association, which speaks for about 250 000 Zimbabweans in SA, asked for permanent residencies.

Unfortunately for the neighbouring country’s nationals, the move catapulted a top Twitter hashtag trend, #NoToZimWorkPermits.

One of the Tweets that enjoyed huge attention with over 400 retweets and 1500 like, posted employment statistics that claim South Africans endure far worse youth unemployment compared to Zimbabweans.

Despite any given credible source, the post seemed to have sparked the #NoToZimWorkPermits campaign to dominate the social media platform since Monday.

“South Africa. Unemployment: 34.4%, Youth unemployment: 64.4%. Zimbabwe: Unemployment: 5.73%.Youth unemployment: 8.13%

“Why must Zimbabweans be preferred over South Africans in South Africa?” @siza_mhayise claimed.


Other strong claims, that boarded on xenophobia, include these statements:

  • “The jobs we’re told are crumbs by the EFF people Zimbabweans are fighting tooth and nail to keep them, we’re not stupid for demanding all entry jobs back to our people we know what change they bring to people’s lives. Zimbabweans need to be kicked out of SA,” @MissB20_10 said.
  • “The Zim permits were given to hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans in 2010. This was done on the basis that they were fleeing economic disaster in Zim. Well, SA is now in an economic disaster and cannot afford to give jobs to Zimbos at the expense of SAns,” @StiloMa77932773 said.
  • “SA has 36% unemployment and 61% youth unemployment – our brothers and sisters cant find jobs in their country while SA provides jobs to 250 000 citizens of Zimbabwe – a sovereign state, which has a duty to provide economic opportunities for its citizens,” @Musa160477 said.

Meanwhile, opposition views, particularly from business owners, say the difference between Zimbabweans and South Africans is that locals tend to be less inclined to work hard.

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