Parliament sitting halted after a fist fight between members in Kosovo. Photo: Video screenshot/ Twitter

Not only in South Africa, fists fly in Parliament in Europe [VIDEO]

Fists fly after a member of the opposition threw water on the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, during a parliament sitting.


Parliament sitting halted after a fist fight between members in Kosovo. Photo: Video screenshot/ Twitter

Heated arguments accompanied by fists flying have proven to be not just exclusive to Parliament in South Africa after the internet witnessed a brawl during a parliamentary sitting in the Republic of Kosovo, a country in Southeast Europe.


Mail Online reports that the furious brawl erupted after an opposition legislator threw water on the country’s Prime Minister.

In the video, Mergim Lushtaku, from the Democratic Party of Kosovo is seen approaching Prime Minister Albin Kurti and throwing water on him as he speaks about measures to defuse tension with ethnic Serbs in the country’s north.
Dozens of MPs then rush towards the lectern and a brawl ensues, with lawmakers scuffling, pushing and punching each other.
It comes as opposition parties have criticised Mr Kurti’s policies in the north of Kosovo which they claim have strained relations with Western allies, Mail Online further reports.

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Further reports indicate that in May, the Kosovar Government put Albanian mayors in municipal buildings in Zveçan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic, causing violent protests from the ethnic Serb majority – who have a historically strained relationship with Albanians.
Dozens of people were injured in clashes between local Serbs and Kosovo police and Nato-led peacekeepers, fuelling fears of a conflict similar to the one in 1998-99 that killed more than 10,000 people.

On Wednesday, Mr Kurti announced he would reduce the number of special police officers stationed outside four municipal buildings in the ethnic Serb-majority areas in northern Kosovo, and hold new mayoral elections in each of the towns.


But the move has angered the opposition, who argued that Mr Kurti ‘experimented’ for months and jeopardised Kosovo’s international position.
Earlier, Mr Kurti’s deputy Besnik Beslimi had torn up a drawing mocking Mr Kurti that the opposition had given the prime minister. Mr Kurti was escorted out of the assembly hall during the chaos, according to local media.
The US and the EU had urged him to keep the mayors in different locations away from the north until the situation is resolved.

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