Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu insurance payout boyfriend

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Rosemary Ndlovu: Alleged family killer tells court about her ‘side boyfriend’

Accused of orchestrating the murder of her known boyfriend Maurice Mabasa, Rosemary Ndlovu revealed on Monday that she also had a ‘secret partner’.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu insurance payout boyfriend

Photo: Twitter

The extraordinary case of Rosemary Ndlovu – also known as Nomia – continued to rumble, after proceedings resumed on Monday morning. The former police officer is accused of plotting the murders of FIVE family members, as well as her former boyfriend. However, her love life has sparked some fierce interest today.

Rosemary Ndlovu – latest updates from court

Rosemary Ndlovu is accused of trying to cash in about R1.5 million from various life insurance policies. Maurice Mabasa, allegedly picked off by hitmen she had hired, was understood to have been Nomia’s only romantic interest. That theory, however, looks to have been blown out of the window.

Ndlovu explained to the court that she had a ‘side boyfriend’ in Daveyton, while she was staying with Maurice in Tembisa at the time. It was another revelation in a court trial that has proved to be stranger than fiction at times, due to the defendant’s erratic behaviour in the dock.

‘Nomia’ denies killing boyfriend

It’s fair to say that Rosemary Ndlovu hasn’t been the typical ‘accused person’ we are used to seeing in court. She has argued with journalists, fainted and cried several times, and even flashed her backside to the dock. This one-woman soap opera has stolen the headlines, despite the judiciary’s attempts to secure justice for the deceased.

Earlier on Monday, Rosemary denied any involvement in Maurice’s death, with a slightly chilling declaration.

“There’s no evidence that I killed Maurice Mabasa. But if the court wants to believe that I killed him, let the court believe so. But I didn’t kill my boyfriend.”

Rosemary Ndlovu