The complete history of Lindiwe Sisulu: SA's new International Relations Minister

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No love lost: Lindiwe Sisulu openly blames Jacob Zuma for ANC decay

She blames Zuma for ANC’s negative image. Also, water is wet, the sky is blue, etc…

The complete history of Lindiwe Sisulu: SA's new International Relations Minister

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It may not seem like the most stinging criticism Zuma has received recently, but it has come from an incredibly significant source: One of his own Ministers AND soon-to-be presidential rivals.

Lindiwe Sisulu has stated that the negative mood around the ANC has been caused by the actions, and therefore the public perception, of Jacob Zuma

Speaking to The Sowetan, she conceded that the circus which follows the president is having a detrimental effect on the party:

“We are in an awkward space. The public mood seems to have been generated that the president should leave. We have seen this in protests. I don’t know why our system is taking time to deal with the matter.”


Her comments certainly throw caution to the wind, and she implies that she wants to see a speedier response from the ANC over certain issues.

The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans has lamented the handling of the #GuptaLeaks revelations, bemoaning the lack of transparency and urgency to clarify the matter.

She also pointed to the case of Mduduzi Manana as another prime example of the negative image that the ANC is creating. Footage captured him beating up a woman with his accomplices in the street, but he’s faced no internal punishment.

Mduduzi Manana bail

Rather than face imprisonment or so much as a suspension, he was granted R5000 bail and saw Police Chief Fikile Mbalula dismiss his actions as a ‘just a beer hall fight’.

His preferential treatment is certainly indicative of what Sisulu is saying. Although Jacob Zuma is not directly involved, would it kill him to show some leadership on the matter? Makhosi Khosa has faced disciplinaries for her words, but there are no punitive measures for Manana’s actions.

Next ANC leader

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Several ANC branches are endorsing Sisulu for the presidency, and see her as the ‘centrist’ candidate who can unite the party. She’s even speaking at ANC Lebaka branch in Mohlabaneng Limpopo this weekend, home to JZ loyalists.

Her reception will be very interesting, and how she chooses to deal with it may be the clearest indication of her leadership credentials.