mongameli bobani nmb mator

Photo: Twitter / Mongameli Bobani

NMB council boots Mongameli Bobani as Executive Mayor

The fourth time was a charm for councillors who have been struggling to kick the “madman” out.

mongameli bobani nmb mator

Photo: Twitter / Mongameli Bobani

The Nelson Mandela Bay metro has finally succeeded in removing Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani.

NMB council passes motion of no-confidence against Bobani

The NMB council has been at a standstill for weeks in trying to remove Bobani from power. The defiant UDM leader made it abundantly clear that this would not be an easy feat,

The motion, initially tabled by the DA, was meant to be heard in October. However, out of fear for the safety of councillors, Council Speaker, Buyelwa Mafaya, struck the vote off the table.

It was alleged that she and other councillors had received death threats but these claims were never accompanied by proof.

Why NMB was sick and tired of its mayor

Political parties have tried on three previous occassions to remove Bobani without success. This time around, though, the DA’s application was helped by the EFF and ANC’s support. The parties described Bobani as a loose cannon, a madman hellbent on dismantling “the entire executive structure of the municipality.”

This came after the mayor actioned a staff shuffle at the municipality and appointed Nobuntu Mpongwana, the Deputy Director of Legal Services, to oversee the administration of the municipality. Political parties viewed this as a ploy to give three high-ranking officials the boot.

It is believed that, through the actions taken by Mpongwana, Bobani effectively:

  • placed midlevel accountant, Karel Kramer in charge of NMB’s finances;
  • fired the municipality’s chief executive, Mzwakhe Clay; and
  • replaced three executive directors (Anele Qaba, Walter Shaidi and Noxolo Nqwazi) with his preferred trio.

Ousted mayor’s delay tactics fail

The council meeting continued, on Thursday, with Bobani at the top of the agenda. In a bid to delay the motion, the mayor tried to force Mafaya to cancel proceedings due to the absence of a city manager — in this case, Mpongwana.

Mpongwana had left the chambers moments earlier after her appointment was called into question. This gave Bobani an opportunity to argue against the voting process.

However, Mafaya, facing pressure from councillors, denied Bobani his request for a cancellation and proceeded with the vote.

The council effectively voted Bobani out of power, an act described by the ousted mayor as “something that they will regret tomorrow.”

At the time of publishing this article, a new mayor had not been elected. Mpongwana, who held the Acting City Manager position is, by virtue of her rank, is supposed to stand in as the mayor until the matter has been voted on in council. However, she is nowhere to be found.