nkosikho mbele


Thousands raised for petrol attendant who paid for customer’s petrol

Over R250 000 has been raised for Nkosikho Mbele, the petrol attendant lauded for helping one of his customers by paying for her petrol.

nkosikho mbele


A petrol attendant working on the N2 near Makhaza on the way to Cape Town recently went viral after paying a woman’s petrol when she forgot her bank card.

Petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele is being praised for his kindness after Monet van Deventer took to social media to share her experience.

In a Facebook post, she said she stopped at a petrol service station to fill up her car on 30 May.

“As I stopped at the pump I got a feeling that I left my card at home. While I was searching for my card a young man started to clean my car windows. After the search, I realized that my card is not with me and informed me that he does not have to fill up.”

Mbele then told her: “Ma’am you can’t run out of petrol on the N2. I’ll throw in R100 and then you can just bring back my R100 whenever you are near again.”

He reportedly put petrol in her tank and paid for it himself without taking down her details.

Mbele told News24 he had not wanted Van Deventer to be at risk on the highway after hearing many horror stories about the dangers on the N2.

Vroeg vanoggend oppad Kaap toe stop ek by 'n petrolstasie om my kar vol te maak. Voordat ek die persoon vra om my kar…

Posted by Monet van Deventer on Thursday, May 30, 2019

‘I am a believer’

Van Deventer later returned to Mbele to give his money back.

“On my way back, I found him and returned his blessing. I asked him why he helped and trusted a stranger. He replied: ‘Ma’am I am a believer'”, said van Deventer on the BackaBuddy page she started for Mbele.

“Since Mbele saved my life I would love to do something in return for him,” she said further. “His two children, mom and brother lives with him in Khayelitsha and he will really benefit from any donations.

“Mbele also informed me that he will love to do charity work and help children on the streets. I am hoping to raise the funds by 30 June 2019.”

Van Deventer set the target of funds at R100 000 but as of Sunday 2 June, over R250 000 in funds were raised in order to help Mbele.

“Thank you Mbele for giving me hope for South Africa,” van Deventer said further.

South Africans who donated, praised Mbele for his kindness by saying:

“This is what life is really about…being there for one another.”

“Amazing act of kindness! May you be blessed in abundance. Proud to call this country home.”