Nine adverts that were rejecte

Nine adverts that were rejected by “Remain” campaign revealed by agencies [pictures]

These are the “Remain: campaign billboards that never were.

Nine adverts that were rejecte

Adverts which were rejected by the agencies working on the Remain campaign during the EU Referendum have started to emerge. According to The Guardian, agency chiefs criticised the Remain campaign for a lack of focus and leadership.

M&C Saatchi’s worldwide chief executive, Moray MacLennan, said: “We never normally release work that we produced on behalf of a client but that hasn’t run.

“But this time is different. We are still emotionally engaged, the issue is – and will remain – of vital importance and it might help to air some of these ideas,” he told Campaign.

He added: “At no point did we deal with the senior politicians. Instead, we were dealing with a cross-party committee and it was desperately frustrating. It was a structure doomed to failure.”

The Guardian said that a number of insiders claimed the adverts received “feedback from lower down the chain of command but were later rejected by campaign chiefs”.

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