Nigeria - Elelction

Nigeria counts (new) local election votes, three weeks after the ruling party won. Image: DW/ BGD

Nigeria ruling party wins local elections

In Kano, the largest city in northern Nigeria and second biggest pool of voters after Lagos, many residents said the voting started on time

Nigeria - Elelction

Nigeria counts (new) local election votes, three weeks after the ruling party won. Image: DW/ BGD

Nigeria’s ruling party won the Lagos governor post on Monday, following local elections at the weekend.

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Vote counting started on Saturday following local elections in Nigeria, three weeks after the ruling party won the presidential poll.

 The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) was declared the winner in the majority of governorships where the counting was done.

Three weeks after the ruling party won a presidential poll the opposition said that it was was fraud. Image: FP

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Saturday’s elections came three weeks after the governing party won a presidential ballot that opposition candidates still claim was rigged.

As President Muhammadu Buhari stepped down in May after two terms, many hoping for change were disappointed in the way elections were done last month.

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Earlier this month, ruling party candidate, Bola Tinubu has won the most votes in Nigeria’s election this weekend, according to final results.

Tinubu, the candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) party, won 8.8 million votes against 6.9 million for opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Atiku Abubakar, and 6.1 million for Labour Party’s Peter Obi, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) results.

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Many Nigerians hoped that the vote would open the way to a leader able to tackle insecurity, ease economic malaise, and manage poverty in the country.

The voting was mostly peaceful but was troubled by long delays at many polling stations.

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PDP has called for the vote to be scrapped and has demanded a fresh election. The part claims that this weekend’s election “was a massive manipulation of ballot counts.”

“Contrary to the insinuation by both parties, results emanating from the States point to a free, fair, and credible process,” the INEC said in response.