nichume siwundla

Photo: Instagram / @nichumesings

RIP Nichume: Financial problems linked to rising star’s untimely death

It is alleged that, despite charting on radio and a busy gig schedule, she had R1 in her bank account.

nichume siwundla

Photo: Instagram / @nichumesings

The untimely passing of rising House music star, Nichume Siwundla, has reverberated across South Africa’s entertainment industry.

However, murmurs from the singer’s family have indicated at financial problems stemming from a fallen relationship with her music label as the alleged motivation behind the decision she took to take her own life.

What was the motivation behind death of Nichume?

“Whatever she was feeling at that moment triggered immense hopelessness. We stand united as a family during this difficult time. Nichume was so loved and appreciated. We’re proud of all her achievements.” – Qhamani Siwundla, Nichume’s brother

These were the sentiments from her family when the news of her passing broke five days ago. It is hard to fathom what could have motivated this rising star to take her own life.

Her record deal with Top Chat Media, an independent label owned by popular House music producer, Mobi Dixon, was the calling she had waited for her entire life.

An Opthalmology graduate, Nichume’s vocal talent and a promise from Dixon to help her realise her dreams are what led her away from the profession.

Allegations surface of ailing label relationship

However, according to new information that has surfaced, courtesy of popular Twitter user, @AdvBarryRoux, this relationship with her label was what allegedly drove Nichume to her passing.

In a lengthy thread that has since gone viral, the popular Twitter user — who gained notoriety for breaking news before the media does — accused poor label management as the chief reason behind Nichume’s fatal depression.

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The thread has opened a window that peers into the other side of the rising star’s final days. Screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between Nichume and the label are featured in it, and while the allegations have yet to be tested, it puts the owners of the label in a negative light.

Nichume’s family confirmed that the singer will be laid to rest on Saturday, 12 June, and while the label owners have been welcomed to attend the send-off, they will not be allowed a platform to address the family.

Meanwhile, Dixon has prepared his own send-off for the singer. The producer is hosting a memorial event, in Nichume’s honour, on Wednesday, at the Assemblies of God in Sandton, Johannesburg.

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Let’s celebrate her life on earth and send off her spirit in prayer ?? Thank you Lord father God for lending us your angel ?#RipNichume

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