New SA/UK partnership to boost

New SA/UK partnership to boost “South Africa’s value proposition”

A new technical working group between the department of trade and industry and the UK’s business process services (BPS) sector will see closer cooperation between our two countries, and hopefully a boost in SA’s image abroad.

New SA/UK partnership to boost

As part of trade and industry minister Rob Davies’ two day visit to the UK, South Africa signed an agreement with the BPS sector in our European — kinda — counterpart, which will see a partnership aimed at boosting SA’s value proposition.

According to SAnews, the minister was in the UK to punt South Africa to the British government as part of Theresa May’s post-Brexit negotiations.

The idea behind the news BPS incentive is to get investors to stick with Mzansi, as well as attract new investments and, if you remember el presidente’s 2016 SONA speech, government has been looking at fast-tracking certain processes for investors who traditionally avoid doing business here.

According to the minister, government’s establishment of InvestSA is meant to attract more private sector investors to Mzansi, while streamlining the process of investing.

“The aim is to remove administrative barriers, reduce regulatory inefficiencies, improve turnaround times, and coordinate and fast-tract investment enquiries,” Davies said.