Netcare 911

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Netcare employee accused of dumping dog to take legal action

Netcare said the employee who was accused of dumping one of her dogs on the side of the road will now take legal action against the person who falsely accused her.

Netcare 911

Photo: Facebook

The Netcare employee who was accused of dumping one of her dogs on the side of the road will now take legal action against the person who falsely accused her on social media.


Netcare’s human resources and transformation director, Dr. Nceba Ndzwayiba, said the staff member came forward earlier this week to set the record straight about misinformation and photographs circulating on social media.

According to Ndzwayiba the staff member co-operated with their investigation, and they had since concluded that the complainant made “incorrect assumptions about the situation.”

“Earlier this week, following the incident, our colleague voluntarily approached the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to do an inspection at her home.

“Netcare has had sight of the formal letter provided by the SPCA upon conclusion of their investigation. The letter states that an inspection of the dogs belonging to the staff member in question was conducted on 7 October 2021, noting one black male cross Border Collie and one male cross Rottweiler.”

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Ndzwayiba said the letter also stated that both dogs appeared to be healthy and had access to food, water and shelter.

“Our colleague’s report of the incident indicates that she was out driving and had one of her dogs with her, as the family has recently suffered some traumatic criminal incidents, and she feels safer with the dog by her side.

“She stated that on this particular occasion, the dog began whining, so she stopped the car to attend to it.”

He said it seems the passer-by then pulled over and began to interfere, which our colleague took umbrage to, and she put her pet back in the car and drove home.

“The passer-by took photographs of this event, without permission, and posted them online along with her own assumptions that this was an attempt to abandon the dog. As a result, our colleague has been publicly berated and maligned.

“Public outrage about the unfounded post has reached such proportions that the family is now afraid to drive their own vehicle, for fear of being harassed or attacked.”

Ndzwayiba added that the staff member has decided to take legal action against the individual who misinterpreted the event and has caused them a great deal of harm by leveling these false accusations against them on social media.

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“This has truly been a terrible ordeal for our colleague and her family, for whom Netcare is arranging counselling to assist them in overcoming this traumatic experience. We trust that the information provided in this statement brings some much needed clarity to the situation and that the family will now be left in peace to recover,” concluded Ndzwayiba.

The staff member had been accused of dumping her dog by Madaleini Nel.
In a Facebook post which has since gone viral and been shared more than thousands of times, Nel accused the employee of dumping the dog on the side of the road.

The viral post has yet to be deleted as of Saturday.

Nel wrote: “This is what a person looks like that dumps a dog next to the road. When I saw what she did and confronted her… she told me to mind my own business and loaded the dog in the car and sped off.

“Unfortunately I was on the opposite side of the busy road with my car open, and when I turned around to follow her she was out of sight
“She obviously dumped the doggy somewhere else. Please be on the lookout

“Let” s make this lady famous for dumping a dog next to the road,” she wrote, tagging the Netcare Unitas Hospital as well as the SPCA.
Nel, in an interview with TimesLIVE, said she confronted the woman on Monday afternoon out of concern for the pets.

“I want to know where the animal is and whether it is safe,” she told TimesLive.