NEHAWU strike

NEHAWU vows to intensify its strike this week. Image: Thapelo Morebudi

NEHAWU to intensify its strike this week

NEHAWU’s general-secretary Zola Saphetha told the media on Sunday that government has been arrogant during wage negotiations.

NEHAWU strike

NEHAWU vows to intensify its strike this week. Image: Thapelo Morebudi

Nehawu has vowed to intensify its protests from Monday until its demands are met.

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On Sunday Nehawu’s general secretary, Zola Saphetha told the media that the government has been arrogant during the wage negotiations. He said that the union will continue with its protests until further notice.

“As Nehawu we want to register that it has become quite clear to us that despite all our efforts to resolve the dispute the government is not interested in concluding the 2022/2023 dispute, as they argue that they have closed and concluded negotiations in that financial year.”

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The strike had a devastating impact on public sector healthcare in several provinces.

“With this arrogance shown by the government, it is important to confirm that Nehawu continues with the strike in a more intensified manner as from Monday.” He added that this is to show the government the seriousness with which we take the efforts to underplay the role of “public servants”

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The union demands a 10% wage hike but government is offering less than half of that at 4.7%.


As previously reported, the Health and Allied Workers Indaba Trade Union (HAITU) will join the strike by public sector workers on Monday.

HAITU members will join other healthcare workers for the strike on Monday. The union says that its members are tired of the government’s response to workers’ demands. 

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“Health workers have been suffering for years and this government refuses to take any responsibility for the crisis we are facing in the healthcare sector,” says HAITU general secretary Lerato Mthunzi.

Mthunzi says that HAITU members will also demand a 10% wage hike. He adds that “what they are demanding is very small” when you consider how the bosses have robbed workers of their increases in the last two years.