nationwide truck hijacker strike


Nationwide truck strike: These are the routes possibly affected by protests

The frustrated truck drivers are calling on government to do something about the perceived influx of foreign-born drivers into the industry.

nationwide truck hijacker strike


A nationwide truck strike has caused delays in traffic in South Africa’s major cities, on Monday. Call it a bad start to the week but the truck drivers believe that they are fighting for a cause bigger than making it to work on time.

Nationwide truck strike: Why are truck drivers protesting?

The frustrations shared by those behind the nationwide truck strike have been festering for a while. Threats of disruptions to traffic on all major routes were made to Transport Minister, Blade Nzimande, as early as the Easter weekend, in April.

These frustrations, it seems, were centred around the overlooked skillsets of South African-born drivers. The rampant increase in foreign-born drivers taking over the trucking industry caused fears that locals were being booted out of the industry by cheaper labourers.

When Nzimande and stakeholders of the trucking industry, the All Truck Drivers Foundation and the National Truck Drivers Association, reached an agreement to hold off the strike in April to engage on recommended solutions that were detailed in a report that dealt with the grievances lodged by the drivers, all seemed well and forgotten.

Arrests: KZN law enforcement closes in on alleged arsonists

Arrests: KZN law enforcement closes in on alleged arsonists

However, fast-forward to Sunday, 1 September, and many motorists would come to learn that nothing became of the amnesty that was forged between government, industry stakeholders and the frustrated truck drivers.

Since the nationwide truck strike broke out in some parts of the country, on Sunday, there have been reports of blocked major roads, and even worse, trucks that were torched.

According to the information we have sourced online, these are the areas where torched trucks have been reported:

  • R555 road near Steelpoort in Limpopo: Three trucks have allegedly been torched
  • The N12 near Ogies, Middelburg: An undisclosed number of trucks have been torched by protesters, causing a backlog in traffic
  • R555/Stoffberg road, Middelburg: Three trucks were allegedly torched by protesters in the early hours of Monday morning.
  • N4 Wonderfontein towards Belfast, Mpumalanga: Protesters allegedly set a truck alight

In Durban, law enforcement officials have made some headway in quelling the violent protests that are linked to the nationwide truck strike.

According to police spokesperson, Brigadier Jay Naicker, at least 20 suspects have been arrested in connection with the nationwide truck strike.

“Police operations have been intensified along major routes and known hotspots within the province and we are on high alert for those that are resorting to acts of criminality and claim to be protesting. We shall have no mercy for those that break the laws of this country,” KZN’s top cop, Lieutenant General Khombinkosi Jula warned.

So far, KZN police have arrested:

  • 11 suspects for public violence and obstruction of traffic after the road to the Richards Bay Harbour was blocked by 11 trucks, on Sunday;
  • four suspects for the possession of an unlicensed firearm with 15 rounds of ammunition. They were also found in possession of three bottles containing petrol; seven cell phones and a pair of gloves, suggesting that they may have been involved in the torching of trucks in the Malvern district; and
  • five suspects possession of receptacles containing petrol.The vehicle that they were travelling in was positively identified in a case where a truck was set alight, police confirmed.

These are the routes possibly affected by truck protests

Although law enforcement officials have been dispatched to handle the protests that have broken out in South Africa’s major cities, these are the routes that are likely to be affected by the nationwide truck strike:

Western Cape

  • N2 inbound on Mew Way, near Khayelitsha, was, on Monday morning, closed due to a truck blocking the road.
  • Du Toit Kloof Pass was also closed off due to a truck-related incident.
  • Piekenierskloof Pass, on the N7, was according to Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa, closed because of protesting truck drivers.


  • On Waltloo Road, in Silverton, protesting truck drivers blocked off the road with burning tyres and rubble.
  • It is not clear if this was related to the nationwide truck strike but the M2, near Denver, was also blocked off by buses on Monday morning.


  • The N12 near Ogies, Middelburg
  • N4 Wonderfontein towards Belfast


  • R555 road near Steelpoort in Limpopo


  • Roads near the Richards Bay Harbour

We will update this article with more information on affected routes as they surface.