Natasha Conabeer. Image: Mimz

Natasha Conabeer. Image: Mimz

Natasha Conabeer: Missing UKZN student dies hours after being found

The student was rushed to hospital after being found.

Natasha Conabeer. Image: Mimz

Natasha Conabeer. Image: Mimz

Natasha Conabeer, a 23-year-old University of KwaZulu-Natal student who was found after being allegedly kidnapped a few weeks ago, passed away on Monday morning.

Natasha Conabeer: Student passes away after a few hours of being found

The student went missing for three weeks, and reports on social media indicate that Conabeer was assaulted, drugged and beaten multiple times. The police have reported that she was rushed to hospital on Sunday morning after she was dropped off at her home in an unconscious state.

Social media was active in spreading awareness for the missing persons case, and since the announced death; many users have poured out their condolences to Natasha’s grieving family.

Social media pours out condolences for Natasha Conabeer

“The sad thing about Natasha’s story is that no one really knows what happened to her besides the information that we’ve been given. How can a woman disappear for almost a month, then found in a critical, close to death condition and no one knows anything? ”

Cebo Zikhali

Natasha Conabeer: The student went missing on her way to visit family

The student went missing on her way to visit family in Inanda, Durban; when she did not make it home, her family initiated a search. The panic-stricken family immediately knew something was wrong and opened a missing persons case, as their panic grew from the scrouge of rapes, abductions, and killings women and children suffer.

The panic also came in light University of Cape Town student, Uyinene Mrwetyana’s recent rape and murder at the Claremont post office.

Ramaphosa recently promised tougher laws for gender-based violence

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on gender-based violence; this came after thousands marched to parliament and the widespread protests against femicide across South Africa.

Ramaphosa heard the demands of protesters’ for tougher laws, against men who abuse women, and he assured civilians that the criminal justice system will be harsher in dealing with perpetrators.

The President indicated that those convicted of gender-based violence crimes; will be listed in the National Register of Offenders, Ramaphosa also promised that Parliament will discuss emergency interventions that can be implemented instantly, and consider amending the legislation to make this registry public.

“We have heard calls of women in our country. The collective anger, fear and pain must strengthen our resolve to end all forms of violence perpetrated by men. We will address other systemic challenges such as DNA testing and the availability of rape testing kits. We will implement a national multifaceted plan through school programmes, workplaces. The Minister of Finance will be asked to allocate funding.”

Cyril Ramaphosa