Screenshot via Facebook.

Watch: Video of schoolgirl attacking boy condemned by Lesufi

A video of a girl beating a boy at their High School in Gauteng has been making its rounds on social media, leaving viewers angry.


Screenshot via Facebook.

A video of a girl beating a boy to his knees at their High School Jan Viljoen, Randfontein in Gauteng, began making its rounds on social media on 13 November 2019, with many people slamming the girl, saying she and her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

The girl in the video is known to the publication and has since deleted her profile on Facebook. 

Violence at High School Jan Viljoen

It’s not clear why the attacker decided to beat the boy up but in the video, she can be heard trying to intimidate him, saying in Afrikaans: “Is jy bang vir my?” which translates to “are you scared of me?” 

The attacker asks the boy several times if he is scared of her, while he shrugs his shoulders in fear. She laughs and giggles before she can be seen taking a deep breath and flinging forward, hitting the boy on his head. 

The boy turned, covering his face with his hands, trying to block her punches. She then says:

“Vat weg jou hand,” translating to “take your hand away.” 

The boy, out of fear, listens to her and removes his hand. In the video, she can be seen punching him extremely hard in the face. 

The boy dropped to his knees and the attacker too got on her knees beside him, telling him not to cry. She then stands up, pats him on the back and walks away with a smirk on her face. 

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GDE 'aware of video' showing girl punching boy

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has advised that it is aware of a video doing the rounds on social media that shows a girl learner punching a boy learner:

Posted by Randfontein Herald on Thursday, November 14, 2019

On the left side of the video, a couple sits cuddling each other. The girl on the boys lap, watches the fight, while smiling and the boy in her arms, looks away. 

A boy, either taking the video or an onlooker eggs her on, saying that she should go ahead and hit him. 

How the video spread 

The video of the schoolgirl beating a boy up has been shared countless times on social media. It is not certain whether the original sharer uploaded the video on its own or with the schoolgirl’s profile attached but today 14 November 2019, her name is out there, along with her profile picture. 

Although her profile has been deleted, many people are still writing about her on social media, saying, based on the video that she is a bully, she should be ashamed of herself, asking if this is what teachers have to deal with, and threatening that something terrible will come back to her for what she’s done. 

Reactions on social media 

A comment from girl’s mother on her daughter’s profile picture has been shown, reading: “My pragtige pop. Bly altyd so oulik. Mamma lief jou baie my skat. Moet nooit dat omstandighede en mense jou onder kry nie my skat. Trots op jou.” 

The direct translation in English reads: “My beautiful doll. Always stay so cute. Mamma loves you very much my darling. Never let circumstances and people get you down my darling. Proud of you.” This comment made viewers even more angry after seeing the video. 

FB user, Johan Ramkat Boer from Centurion, Gauteng was notified by FB on 14 November 2019, that his content (the video) was removed for violating community standards, after he tried to post it. 

Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi said: “Race is irrelevant, she must account for her actions. Completely unacceptable.” 

This came after a Twitter user demanded she be expelled from her school.  

Law firm to help bullied boy

As reported by the Randfontein Herald, Law firm, Marx and Associates offered their services free of charge to the boy who allegedly had fallen victim to bullying. This follows a video of the incident going viral on social media.

According to Sunette Marx, a partner in the law firm’s Family Law Department, plan to consult with the boy and his family so that a protection order could be obtained to protect him.

“He will need counselling by a psychologist to help him get through the ordeal. We are going to take action so that incidents of assault can be reported,” said Marx.

“The right steps need to be taken to make sure that this matter is solved in the right way. So many children have tried to end their lives in the last few months because of videos being circulated on social media.

This child needs help immediately, and we are going to focus on taking the necessary steps,” she added.