Detective Constable Tabane and the toddler. Photo: VOT/ Supplied (Facebook).

Nanny kidnaps employer’s toddler over unpaid salary

Employer allegedly owing a nanny learnt the hard way when she kidnapped their toddler in exchange of her unpaid salary


Detective Constable Tabane and the toddler. Photo: VOT/ Supplied (Facebook).

A nanny who allegedly kidnapped an 18 months old toddler over her unpaid salary is currently behind bars.


According to The Voice of Tembisa, the 26-year-old nanny kidnapped the baby girl in Tembisa, Leboeng Section on Thursday afternoon, 4 August.

In the process, she left a three-year-old baby girl unattended. The woman was arrested in Soweto on Friday, 5 August.

It is reported that the family allegedly owing the nanny made contact with her over using the baby as ransom but she intended to keep the baby until her salary of R4000 was paid into her account.

The 18 months old toddler kidnapped by the nanny. Photo: VOT/ Facebook.

The operation to locate the toddler was conducted by a detective from the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS), Negotiators and other experts from the police who followed the nanny’s cellphone signal to her immediate location.

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The coordinates led the officers to Lawley Police Station where they found the baby.

The Voice of Tembisa reports that the nanny’s brother took the toddler to the station as he stood firm against the kidnapping of the baby.

The nanny was then detained at Tembisa Police Station pending a court appearance.

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Furthermore, the nanny’s four-year-old baby boy was taken to a place of safety as the mother remains locked up.


VOT reports that the Acting Station Commander Colonel Elmarie Pero thanked everyone that had a hand in finding the child. The commander further urged the parents to be more vigilant and to perform background checks on who they hire.

“There is no waiting period to report a missing person”