Mysterious dog-like creature f

Mysterious dog-like creature found wandering in Russian woods

A dog-like animal with a bear-like face was found wandering in Russian woods. The strange dog baffled people trying to figure out what type of breed it is.

Mysterious dog-like creature f

A mysterious dog-like creature was found wandering out of a forest in Russia and is currently confusing locals and others because nobody seems to know exactly what breed it is.

The furry, brown and dog-like creature seems to have a bear-like face.

The brown animal baffled locals ever since it was taken to an animal shelter in the city of Chelyabinsk in south-central Russia’s Cheliabinsk Oblast region. The creature is currently known as “Igor”.

According to numerous reports, the animal stands on four legs and has thick brown fur. Animal rights activists also admittedly said they have “never seen anything like it before.”

Veterinarians who examined the dog estimate the male canine to be around four-years-old.

Nash Dom animal shelter released photos of the animal on VK, Russia’s biggest social media platform, in hopes of finding the animal’s owner or breeder.

Some believe that the animal has chow chow ancestry. According to The Sun, vets said that although they are not sure, it is likely that the dog looks that way due to being a strange cross of a stray dog and chow chow. The animal’s blue tongue also indicated that it might have generated from a chow chow.

Shelter volunteer, Polina Kefer also believe this to be true.

She also told the Siberian Times that it’s like the pet markets accepting dogs from breeders who claim their animals are a purebred. Once the puppies mature into something like this dog, they’re discarded like a “broken toy.”

She also said that the animal isn’t approachable. He’s reportedly in serious stress and fights back when people try to interact with him.

Other volunteers also reportedly said that they’ve tried their best foods on him: “The dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again.”