‘What is the ANC hiding?’ – Ov

Photo: Dean Macpherson

‘What is the ANC hiding?’ – Over 20 cops arrive to stop DA inspecting clinic

The DA will report this bizarre incident to Parliament, after a swarm of cops arrived to halt their oversight visit at Glen Earle Clinic.

‘What is the ANC hiding?’ – Ov

Photo: Dean Macpherson

DA officials were left puzzled and bemused on Monday, after they were blocked from accessing a clinic in Newlands East during a routine oversight visit. Police officials claim that the event was ‘illegally planned’, but this has been vehemently disputed by some of the party’s big hitters.

DA clinic visit halted by ‘swarm of cops’

Shontel De Boer, a local councillor in eThekwini, said that the DA delegations was ‘prevented from doing their job’, and fumed that ANC members were allegedly allowed into Glen Earle Clinic, when her colleagues weren’t.

“Sitting councillors and MPs were denied access. The cops were called on us for trying to do oversight, and trying to do our job. What are they hiding? ANC members have been allowed into the clinic, but not us.” | Shontel De Boer

‘It’s a disgrace’ – DA dumbfounded by decision to block oversight visit

Dean Macpherson, the shadow minister for trade, was also part of the group planning to probe the clinic – which has been reported for its ‘shoddy services’. He was left apoplectic by these developments, and openly pondered if the ANC were ‘running scared’ of the DA. He says the ruling party were responsible for sending the huge police delegation.

“The DA in KwaZulu-Natal was today blocked by over 20 members of Metro Police from conducting an oversight inspection at the Glen Earle Clinic in Newlands East. After receiving numerous reports and complaints from community members about the shoddy services rendered by this clinic we decided to conduct an inspection.”

“I understand an instruction to block us came from Head of Metro Police, Steve Middleton and ANC Councillor, Dianne Hoorzuk – in violation of Section 55 of the Constitution and the Parliamentary prescripts to oversight and accountability.”

“It is a disgrace that while communities in eThekwini are under siege from gangsters and criminals, Steve Middleton can allocate police officers to block us from doing the people’s business. The ANC is clearly frightened of the DA.”

  • Middleton himself, however, has hit back at these claims – and remains adamant that the campaign event was ‘illegal’:

“Illegality is illegality, there was no authority for this. Thank you to our colleagues for preventing this illegal invasion. You are all proudly eThekwini Durban Metro.” | Steve Middleton

Glen Earle clinic response sparks suspicion of ANC

Macpherson, unwilling to just let this one slide, says he will be reporting this incident to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Provincial Legislature, saying that Middleton and ANC councillor Dianne Hoorzuk ‘violated the Constitution’. He also took a swipe at the police, poking fun at their over-zealous response.