ActionSA coalition

Image: @Action4SA / Twitter

Here’s how YOU can choose who ActionSA will form a coalition with

Yes, you’ve read that right: ActionSA has taken the unprecedented step of asking the public to help choose who they enter a coalition with.

ActionSA coalition

Image: @Action4SA / Twitter

Is this the nearest we will get to direct democracy? ActionSA has thrown the gauntlet down to voters for the second time this week, and they’ve taken the unusual step of asking the public to help choose their coalition partners.

Here’s how you can choose ActionSA’s coalition partners

The party, led by Herman Mashaba, finished as the sixth most popular party nationwide – despite only contesting in six municipalities. ActionSA will now get to play the role of kingmaker in metros like Johannesburg and Tshwane, after they ate into the votes usually reserved for the ANC and the DA.

The backing of ActionSA will be crucial to the major political parties looking to form a mix-match government in these cities – and they’re including ordinary citizens in the process. On their website, you can fill in your details and contribute your reasons for why the ‘Green Mamba’ should partner with the parties you have selected.

Herman Mashaba opens ’round two’ of public voting

Over 10 000 people have made their voices heard so far, and citizens have until Sunday night to express their democratic wishes. It’s a new way of doing things, but hey, that’s essentially what Mashaba has been promising us.

“Following our historically successful first elections, ActionSA is potentially in a position to form part of governing coalitions in some of the municipalities we contested.”

“As a party committed to public consultation in everything that we do, we want to give our supporters in the six municipalities we contested the opportunity to share their views on how we should approach potential coalitions.”

“These views will be taken into consideration by the ActionSA Senate, our highest decision-making structure, before we enter into any coalition agreements. Ultimately, we want to ensure that we are best serving the needs of the residents and that any coalitions we enter into will be to their benefit.”

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