Slow uptake on overseas voter registration

IEC Photo: Flickr / Frank Trimbos

Municipal Elections 2021 – What are we voting for?

Municipal Elections will take place on 1 November 2021. Find out why local government matters, and why it’s so important that you do vote – even during a pandemic!

Slow uptake on overseas voter registration

IEC Photo: Flickr / Frank Trimbos

What are we voting for?

Municipal elections – also known as local government elections – are held in South Africa every five years to elect councilors who will govern a municipality for five years.  

You may be wondering what electing municipal councils and councilors have to do with you, but in fact, they touch your daily life in every way. Municipal councils and councilors ensure that every city, town, township and rural area have the necessary services for their citizens, including water, electricity, health/clinics, emergency response, roads, and waste removal. 

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Where you live will determine what type of municipality you have. The local government in South Africa is made up of three types of municipalities, namely:

  1. Metropolitan municipalities which are large cities (there are 8 in South Africa);
  2. Local municipalities which are spread across towns and rural areas (there are 205 in South Africa); and
  3. District municipalities which incorporate local municipalities sharing services such as water supply, thereby creating a region within a province (there are 44 in South Africa). 

As municipalities have wall-to-wall coverage of the country, every geographic area of the country falls within a municipality, all of which are run by councilors.

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