metros johannesburg final election results coalition

Photo: IEC / Twitter

The next step: What happens after all election results have been confirmed?

It’s been a long week, but we’re nearly at the end of the process. Here’s when the election results will be declared, and what happens next.

metros johannesburg final election results coalition

Photo: IEC / Twitter

We’re nearly home and dry, South Africa. The IEC has confirmed that ‘99.9% of all election results’ have been captured by their system, with only the final checks and balances left to execute on Thursday. It’s expected that the Electoral Commission will officially declare the results at 18:00 this evening – but what happens next?

When will the election results be confirmed?

The process becomes highly administrative from this point. The immediate steps after the final election results are announced might not be glamorous, but they are absolutely vital to our democratic process.

  • There are now fewer than 1 000 ward results left to scan, out of a possible 64 502
  • The Commission will then formally declare the final results, expected to take place at 18:00 on Thursday.
  • Names of all elected councillors will be published by the IEC.
  • The councils in their new forms will then be asked to reconvene, to officially ratify the new line-ups
  • In the meantime, talks to form coalitions in major metros and municipalities are set to last long into the weekend.

What happens after election results have been declared?

Free State was the first province to have all of its results declared officially, followed swiftly by the Northern and Eastern Capes. At 98.4%, Limpopo is the province ‘lagging behind’ – but only by a marginal amount.

In a statement released earlier on Thursday, the IEC confirmed that over 90% of all municipalities have their final election results, and the collation process is ‘about finalised’. It’s been a rollercoaster…

You can read the IEC statement here:

“The above status indicates that the result collation process is about finalized. The next step in the electoral process is for the Commission to formally declare the results and publish the names of the elected councillors.”

“The publication of the names councillors-designate will facilitate the convening of inaugural meetings of the re-constituted councils. The number of completed municipalities now stands 230 from a total of 257.”

IEC statement