2024 Election opposition parties ANC

Parties wait for the results to come in during the 2021 Local Elections – Photo: IEC / Twitter

FINAL Johannesburg Election Results | ANC, DA set for coalition battle

The vote count is over in Johannesburg, but we’re going into extra time. The ANC and the DA now have a tricky path to secure a coalition.

2024 Election opposition parties ANC

Parties wait for the results to come in during the 2021 Local Elections – Photo: IEC / Twitter

The final election results for the Johannesburg metro have been released on Thursday afternoon, with the ANC opening up a seven-percentage-point lead over the DA. However, Herman Mashaba’s Action SA finished third in the polls here, and it’s likely they will be in deciding who gets to govern the city.

FINAL election results for Johannesburg: ANC in front, but coalition path complicated

As projected earlier this week, ActionSA has become a kingmaker in Johannesburg. The ANC, sitting on 33.6%, still doesn’t have a clear path to government, despite finishing with the biggest slice of the vote. The DA has also experienced a major slide in support here, taking just 26.47% of all ballots cast in the metro.

However, ActionSA has categorically ruled out a partnership with the ANC, meaning that the DA would be in pole position to co-opt the 16.05% of votes that went to the election debutants. Although this would take a DA-led coalition past 42.5% of the vote, they would still need multiple smaller parties to agree to their terms.

Who will form a coalition in Johannesburg?

The ANC is in a similar position. Should it choose to form a coalition with the EFF, their partnership would be worth over 44% of the vote – but getting to 50% would still prove to be tough, and not all of the smaller parties are ideologically aligned with these organisations. The DA, however, has ruled out working with the Red Berets again.

The ANC is on course to win the most seats in the council, but many of them still need to be allocated once a hung government is formed. Although ActionSA’s performance has been lauded, you can’t take anything away from the Patriotic Alliance (PA) either. Their 3% of the vote could prove to be crucial for those forming a coalition.

However, with rumours that the ANC and the DA would also be open to working together, their vote share combined would take them up to 59% – and could lead to deals being brokered in other split metros.

TABLE: Joburg election results, 100% of votes counted

PartySeats (so far)Vote share
FF PLUS01.32%
Other parties, independents02.92%