Elections EFF

Image: @EFFSouthAfrica

2021 local elections: Malema’s EFF list six service delivery promises

The EFF has listed six basic service delivery promises as South Africans head to voting stations for the 2021 local elections.

Elections EFF

Image: @EFFSouthAfrica

It’s 2021 elections day and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) sent a quick early message to South Africans on Monday morning, 1 November.


“This is your day South Africa, ” the party said.

The red berets have assured South Africans it will deliver on their needs. The promise message laid down the lack of services many local citizens have been crying for under the leadership of the African National Congress (ANC).

  • Vote to restore your dignity
  • Vote for your inside flushing toilet
  • Vote for your piped water
  • Vote for your electricity
  • Vote for your 24-hour clinic
  • Vote for your community safety,” the EFF 2021 elections message said.

The party’s statement concluded with the words: “Vote for you!”


Meanwhile, in the Eastern Cape’s Makanda, local residents said they are fed up with the ANC’s empty promises.

According to the residents, they have committed to years of voting for the ANC but the trust has never resulted in service delivery.

They say they will not vote for the ruling party if their needs for basic service delivery are not met. One resident said he has voted for the party since 1994 but has largely been fed nothing but empty promises.

“I have voted for Nelson Mandela since 1994. I have always voted but never ever got anything from the government,” the community member said.

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