MultiChoice DSTV Russia Today

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‘It’s out of our control’: MultiChoice sets the record straight on Russia Today

MultiChoice received backlash after Russia Today (DSTV Channel 407) was suspended in South Africa on Wednesday.

MultiChoice DSTV Russia Today

Image: Twitter

MultiChoice has made it clear that the airing of Russia Today (DSTV channel 407) is completely out of its control.

On Wednesday, viewers were not able to view Russia Today. MultiChoice confirmed that the channel is indeed suspended. The broadcaster said sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU led to the global distributor of the channel ceasing to provide the broadcast feed to all suppliers, including MultiChoice.


MultiChoice received a lot of backlash following the suspension of Russia Today. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) also questioned why the Russian news channel was removed from DSTV.

ICASA Chairperson Dr Keabetswe Modimoeng said their Licensing and Compliance Division did not receive any notification by Multichoice confirming the discontinuation of the Russian news channel on its DSTV platform. 

“We want to reaffirm that we cannot continue to broadcast Russia TV on DSTV for reasons outside of our control. The global distributor of the channel (who are based in Europe) stopped providing the broadcast feed to all its suppliers, including MultiChoice, because of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union.

“Our role as a broadcaster is to provide a platform for diverse news channels. Our aim is to enable our subscribers to select channels they wish to view. We do not have editorial control over the content of  ‘third party’ channels, nor do we endorse any points of view.”


The Economic Freedom Fighters said the suspension undermined both press freedom and the rights of consumers who pay for the DSTV service.

“MultiChoice has chosen which news outlets consumers must watched and dictated what content must be watched, based on their allegiance in a complex conflict in Europe. MultiChoice has basically declared that the only reliable international news outlets are those aligned with NATO, such as CNN and the BBC.

“We demand the immediate reinstatement of Russia Today and not this condescending move which seeks to force a one-sided narrative on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.”

Economic Freedom Fighters

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