christmas miracle muizenberg


Christmas miracle: Newborn in Muizenberg ‘dumped at sea’ survives the impossible

Wow, second chances don’t get much more heart-warming than this. A young infant from Muizenberg has beat the odds after being discarded at sea.

christmas miracle muizenberg


A newborn baby has been rescued in the most dramatic of circumstances in Muizenberg, Cape Town, after he was discovered floating in the sea in a plastic bag.

The harrowing discovery was made earlier in the month, but has only come to light after the infant staged a remarkable fightback and recovered to a “stable condition”.

Muizenberg baby found at sea

Cape Town Etc report that the child had “turned blue” from the ocean’s low temperatures and South African Police Services (SAPS) spokesperson FC van Wyk told the publication that an attempted murder investigation is already underway:

“The baby was stabilised on the scene and taken to a nearby hospital, whereafter he was transferred to Mowbray maternity hospital. The infant is currently in a healthy and stable condition and still at hospitalAn attempted murder and concealment of birth docket has been registered for investigation in Muizenberg.”

FC van Wyk

The next thing for this newborn, thought to be between 1 – 3 months old, is to place him with a “kangaroo mother” – that’s someone who takes care of neglected or abandoned babies at an extremely young age. They provide the basic care required and allow them to live with foster parents once the afflicted child has made a full recovery.

“Christmas miracle” for discarded newborn

Currently, the Muizenburg Miracle is still receiving hospital care. But donations have been flooding in for the baby and the staff, as food parcels, clothes and nappies have all been sent to the little fighter.

Janet Perrot is a local resident helping with the recovery efforts. For the past two weeks, she has been assisting the medical teams by any means necessary. As GoodThingsGuy writes, she’s already come up with a name for the tyke – Christopher Moses – and we’re finding it very hard to disagree with:

“Because it’s Christmas time and St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and this little fellow has a long journey ahead of him. Moses was also found in a basket so it seems a good second name. Both names start with Christ which for me as a Christian is wonderfully appropriate.”

Janet Perrot

The baby has been officially named “Sunrise” by the hospital in Mowbray – which is also lovely. But regardless of a moniker, this young boy has been given an almost inexplicable second chance at life. Here’s hoping that his future parents give him all the love and attention he deserves!