Mpumalanga school

Photo: Twitter screenshot / Yusuf Abramjee / Canva

Mpumalanga Police criticised for shooting “violent” ex-student on school grounds

A disgruntled former student of Mmametlake Secondary School was shot by police after he rampaged through the facility. But the cops are now under fire.

Mpumalanga school

Photo: Twitter screenshot / Yusuf Abramjee / Canva

Police officers in Mpumalanga subdued a former student of Mmametlake Secondary School by shooting him in the leg on Thursday – but their decision to open fire has been met with a slew of criticism.

A viral video showed the youth throwing bricks at the school and smashing windows. Police arrived on the scene, and he then chucked debris at their car. A bizarre altercation saw one officer ejected from the passenger seat as the teenager threw another brick in her direction before being shot in the leg.

Quick-draw Mpumalanga cop in hot water

However, this quick-draw response in the heat of the moment seemed to upset a few South Africans. Some labelled the decision to open fire as “unprofessional”, whereas others opposed the idea that violence was the answer:

These sentiments were echoed by Jane Sithole of the Provincial Legislature in Mpumalanga. The DA representative isn’t too impressed with the use of live ammunition on school grounds, and revealed that she and her party will be asking IPID to investigate the shooting:

“Schools are supposed to offer learners and educators safe environments that are conducive for teaching and learning. It is vital that the Education Department take every effort that these spaces are protected from forces that will distract and even traumatise learners.”

“Despite the police’s rapid response to the incident, we are deeply concerned with their use of live ammunition to deescalate the matter. We will, therefore, be writing to IPID to fully investigate the shooting.”

Jane Sithole

SAPS back cops over Mmametlake Secondary School action

SAPS are standing resolute in support of their officers, though. They issued a statement to the media on Friday supporting the cop’s decision to open fire, reasoning that they were viciously attacked and had “no other choice”.

“Without a doubt, he had a clear intention to inflict deadly injuries to the female member of the van crew. She had to dive to avoid a rain of bricks that was directed towards her.”

“Nothing could deter the suspect from continuing his inexplicably crazy actions. Police had no option but to use force by shooting at the raging man in order to protect everyone in the vicinity.”


It is believed that the school’s former pupil wanted to confront the principal. No reason for why has yet been established, but it’s understood that he flew into a rage when he realised he couldn’t address the headteacher. The young man is now recovering in hospital.

You can see the video here – although, we must warn you, it’s pretty heavy stuff.