Motsoeneng says 90% of all Sou

Motsoeneng says 90% of all South Africans “enjoy the new SABC”

According to the national broadcaster’s COO, only 10% of South Africans are unhappy with the SABC’s “improved” news coverage.

Motsoeneng says 90% of all Sou

Motsoeneng told City Press that 90% of South Africans are “very excited with the transformation” at the broadcaster and enjoy the “improved” news coverage.

The SABC decision not to show violent protests on the news anymore is, according to Motsoeneng, necessary to “educate the population.”

“I don’t know where this other 10% come from or who they represent,” he said, referring to those who criticised the broadcaster’s decision to stop showing violent protests.

“People are very apologetic when they have to implement equity and transformation, but not us at the SABC.”

In addition to the new rules for showing the ‘news’, Motsoeneng announced that all SABC channels will have local content quotas, mirroring the 90% local content rules imposed on all SABC radio stations.

When asked whether or not it’s true that he banned any criticism of himself and the SABC from being aired, Motsoeneng said that it was not true. He did, however, add that a few “rotten potatoes” at the broadcaster leaked info to other media companies and that they will be fired.