We have a look at some of the most adorable sea creatures. Image: Pixabay

WATCH: Three of the MOST ADORABLE sea creatures

Although many creatures in the sea are dangerous and very scary, there are a few really adorable ones too; have a look at some of them here


We have a look at some of the most adorable sea creatures. Image: Pixabay

When we think about the ocean, we usually think of the creepy creatures down below, but did you know that some of the cutest sea creatures can be found there too?

Have a look at these adorable sea critters to lighten up your day.

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Cutest sea critters – The dumbo octopus

Dumbo octopuses live in the deep open ocean at depths of at least 4000 m and possibly much deeper.

This makes them the deepest-living octopuses known.

Life at these extreme depths necessitates the ability to survive in very cold water and the absence of sunlight.

Dumbo octopuses are extremely rare and, as you can see, adorably adorable.

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Don’t try to say this name out loud – the axolotl

The Axolotl is sometimes called the Peter Pan of salamanders.

The axolotl is adorable because it retains many of its its larval characteristics.

It usually spends its adult life in water and can grow to be a foot long.

Axolotls thrive in captivity despite being nearly extinct in the wild.

Due to their distinct characteristics, they are common in household fish tanks and research labs.

The axolotl is one of the most adorable sea creatures you will find. Image: Pixabay

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Cutest sea creature number three – The boxfish

This fish with the pouty lips will win you over immediately.

Boxfish, also known as trunkfish or cowfish, is a small group of shallow-water marine fishes distinguished by a hard, box-like protective carapace covering the majority of their body.

As cute as they are, they are also deadly.

Boxfish produce an atoxin (pahutoxin) that has a truly horrifying effect.

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The yellow boxfish emits a cloud of toxins from all over its body, which can cause red blood cells to burst.

The toxin kills fish by adhering to their gills and slowly strangling them.

Watch how this box fish flirts with the camera: