Montague Gardens community gro

Montague Gardens community grows ‘Inspiration Garden’

Rogz Urban Farm creates sustainable food for their workers and the neighbouring community by growing vegetables on the pavements that surround the factory in Montague Gardens.

Montague Gardens community gro

Rogz Urban Farm director, Paul Fuller, spoke to CapeTalk the other day, explaining what is known as an Inspiration Garden.

Fuller began growing vegetables at his home, but when he ran out of space, decided to continue growing vegetables in the area around the factory. The garden began small, but has grown to hundreds of square meters of fresh, organic vegetables which are shared amongst the Rogz team and the communities in the area.

The produce is used to make salads in summer and huge pots of steaming, fresh, home-grown vegetable soup in winter which is handed out to 200 workers at lunchtime.

This was posted by Charlie Vann on Facebook the other day:

I was really inspired this weekend when I drove into the industrial area just off Omarumba road, off Racecourse, where the Rogz factory is, and saw that all their curbs throughout the whole industrial park are one big urban vegetable farm. Almost a kilometer of every type of veggie and herb one could want, from potatoes to broccoli, peas… You name it.

A bit of searching led me to find it is actually called the Rogz Urban Farm, and all the factories in the area have all become “Roggers”. They have all bought into having food rather than plants grow on their curbs. The crops are harvested, and not only get used to feed the factory workers lunch, but also get sold at low prices to all the workers in the area, on “market days”. Truly amazing! Inspiring.

We need more of this.

Listen to the full conversation from CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson: