Minnie Dlamini

Actress Minnie Dlamini as Lu in ‘The Honeymoon’. Image via Instagram @minniedlamini

Tweeps criticise Minnie Dlamini’s appearance again

Minnie Dlamini was the target of social media harassment. After the media personality posted pictures from the The Honeymoon premiere.

Minnie Dlamini

Actress Minnie Dlamini as Lu in ‘The Honeymoon’. Image via Instagram @minniedlamini

The actress and media personality Minnie Dlamini’s appearance is still being criticised by Twitter users.

Dlamini was criticised after being photographed at the premiere of her film “The Honeymoon” by Twitter users who thought she was unimpressive.

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Minnie had already endured extreme fat shaming and public mockery after her divorce from her ex-husband, Quinton Jones.

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A Twitter user @tumi_phefo wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen… Minnie Dlamini.”

Another tweeter user responded and said:

“Ai no.. I can’t tell my younger self that this is the hun I crushed on back when she would say “hi my name is Minnie Dlamini, intombi yomZulu” she gave me chills. wharepen mara kodwa ngaye??

During the world premiere of her soon-to-be-released film, “The Honeymoon,” which hits theatres at the end of the month, numerous tweeps expressed their dissatisfaction, and she has since been the target of relentless trolling and torment.

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On the microblogging app, haters attacked Minnie. A few of her supporters intervened on her behalf, but the trolls persisted in attacking her. Minnie has had a protracted history of body shaming whenever she posts images on Twitter.

Trolls never miss an opportunity to publicly humiliate Dlamini and to refer to her as a former beauty.

What the movie ‘Honeymoon’ is about

One of the most eagerly awaited local movies of the year, “The Honeymoon,” starring Tumi Morake, Minnie Dlamini, and Kajal Bagwandeen, has finally been released.

The movie opens with Kat’s (Kajal Bagwandeen) fiancé calling off their wedding the night before the big day. Kat is upset since she is ambitious yet insecure. Noks (Tumi Morake) and Lu (Minnie Dlamini), two of her lifelong closest friends, convince Kat to accompany them to Zanzibar for their honeymoon.

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Will their friendship survive a crazy time in paradise when what was supposed to be a vacation away from their concerns quickly evolves into something else?

The Honeymoon will be shown in 72 theatres countrywide from all exhibitors on March 31, 2023.