Mer-man… mer-man; brace yourse

Mer-man… mer-man; brace yourselves, soon we’ll be breathing under water

Leave it to the Danish to figure out the key to Aquaman’s abilities, or at least stuff a whole lot of oxygen into just a few crystals. Either way, underwater breathing is within reach, but that’s not all.

Mer-man… mer-man; brace yourse

Seems like Superman’s dad was onto something, a team of really bright scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have figured out how to pack and bind a whole lot of oxygen into just a few crystals… well, crystalline kinda things.

According to Professor Christine McKenzie, all you really need is a few granules of the material for one breath; and, as these nifty, otherwise-useless – unless you also believe they absorb and emanate energy and like, totally tune into your aura – crystals can absorb oxygen from even water, this means potentially limitless submergence for us land-lovers.

Now, before you start imaging yourself scavenging for dry sand in a water-locked world, remember that we don’t breathe pure oxygen. Nevertheless, we might soon be seeing these little guys help us explore the oceans sans much gear.

Of course, diving isn’t the only application for this wondrous hippie jewel. Imagine patients with severe respiratory difficulties and needs… if you can condense immense amounts of oxygen into but a handful of crystals you’ll be changing the way we treat lung cancer patients and the like.

Pretty neat, just be sure to skip the incense and tie dye when you make your order.