Men only cheat when they have no confidence: Black Coffee's wife on AKA

Enhle with her partner, Black Coffee

‘Men only cheat when they have no confidence’: Black Coffee’s wife on AKA

Feeding the ego is all it takes to keep your man loyal, apparently…

Men only cheat when they have no confidence: Black Coffee's wife on AKA

Enhle with her partner, Black Coffee

It’s hunting season, and it seems that love-rats are firmly in society’s cross-hairs this week: Kevin Hart has made international news for cheating on his partner, whereas local boy AKA has had to come out and dispel a few rumours about his personal life.

It’s certainly a hot topic, and a question as old as time. Why do so many men cheat on their partners? Granted, it’s not a gender-exclusive quality, but blokes do come across as the instigators more often than not.

Why do men cheat on their partners?

This question was put to Enhle Mbali Maphumulo over the weekend. Black Coffee’s Mrs feels that she has the answer, and it is rooted in philosophy.

According to Enhle, she has learned about how men try to express their feelings, and has concluded that men cheat for very complex reasons:

“Men only cheat because they don’t have confidence, and they rely on someone else to keep building that ego. A lot of the time it’s the only reason they do it, and we often find excuses, but it’s a confidence issue, and depends on if we build confidence in a person from a very young age.”

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AKA quashes cheating rumours

Enhle was giving an interview to Bridget Masinga on Kaya FM. It has become a heated source of debate again in the last week, as Cape Town’s AKA has had to extinguish the rumours surrounding him and Bonang Matheba.

A women was pictured posing next to his car in Sandton during the Mayweather/McGregor fight last month. That was enough to set tongues wagging, and have the South African public grow suspicious of the rapper.

However, he emphatically denies this and had some very choice words to describe the gossip…

“It is not true. The claims are ridiculous. Someone just took a picture with my car and now I am cheating? I read the article and I think it is bullsh*t. In fact, I want anyone with pictures proving she was at the boxing with me to come forward.”

It’s plausible that men cheat to feed their egos. But because they lack confidence? Perhaps that’s reaching a bit. Either way, there should be no excuses.