Tertius Simmers MEC Human Settlements. Image: Twitter.com/ Aghulas Municipality

Tertius Simmers MEC Human Settlements. Image: Twitter.com/ Aghulas Municipality

MEC applauds George Municipality’s turn out for housing registration drive

Local libraries and housing offices in the Western Cape offer more information on housing projects.

Tertius Simmers MEC Human Settlements. Image: Twitter.com/ Aghulas Municipality

Tertius Simmers MEC Human Settlements. Image: Twitter.com/ Aghulas Municipality

Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, Tertuis Simmers, rolled out a pilot of Registration Weekends in the George Municipality, on 14 and 15 September, where citizens registered and updated their information for housing databases.

Simmers recently promised to accelerate social housing development

Simmers is pleased with the turn out in George during the housing database verification and registration drive, in two days 3 290 residents were obedient and made their way to various registration venues across the municipality, while 1 325 updated their details, 897 newly registered and 1 068 verified existing information.

The George Municipality facilitated a pilot programme that will soon be implemented in various parts of the Western Cape, as Registration Weekends will be fully established in October and November.

“I’d like to commend the community members who took personal responsibility and made the effort to register, verify or update their details. I’d also like to express my gratitude to our exceptional stakeholders, which include provincial Human Settlements staff members, the George Municipality and the Community Development Workers (CDW’s) for their unwavering dedication, commitment and assistance this past weekend.

Minister Simmers

Local libraries and housing offices offer more information on housing projects

This implementation of Registration weekends stems from the department’s radical approach to concerns raised about housing waiting lists and their accuracy. A few concerns were raised in George regarding the processes and sustainability thereof, the Minister notes that some residents were seeking information regarding subsidy programmes and housing projects, despite the drive only focusing on registrations for the housing databases.

Local libraries and housing offices are tasked to help residents across the province with queries about housing projects, subsidies, and application forms.

“The data will now be collated, assessed and analysed to form the basis for future endeavours. Also, with the lessons learnt during this past weekend, we will utilise this as a benchmark as we prepare for the full rollout during October and November 2019. In due course, appropriate dates and venues will be communicated.”

Minister Simmers

Human Settlements: What housing development projects currently exist?

There are a couple of housing development projects in the province, and Human Settlements is committed to ensuring quality service delivery; focusing on funding pivotal areas.

Affordable housing is a priority, alongside Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP); which provides housing subsidies to qualifying residents. In order of priority, the most deserving people will be categorised and added into the free Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses, and resources will be injected to upgrading informal settlements ensuring the provision of basic needs for everyone.