Matric results

Image via: GCIS

Matric results approved by Umalusi: Here’s when it will be released

Matric results are days away from being released. The DBE has, in the meantime, congratulated learners that worked tirelessly to achieve success.

Matric results

Image via: GCIS

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has welcomed the approval of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) matric results by the Quality Council for General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi.

“The year  2020  has been an extremely challenging year for learners,  educators, administrators and parents, and therefore the approval of the results of this class has an added significance,” the department said in a statement. 


The DBE said it’s unfortunate that the 2020 matric examinations were blemished by the leakage of the Mathematics Paper 2 and Physical Science Paper 2.  

“We are relieved that Umalusi has accepted the recommendations of the DBE that even though the full extent of the leaks may not be uncovered, given that the spread was done via WhatsApp, but based on the evidence available at the moment widespread leaks do not seem to have occurred. Therefore, the integrity of the Mathematics P2 and Physical Sciences P2 has not been compromised overall,” it said. 

The DBE said it will ensure that the final components of the investigation are fully and comprehensively addressed so that the implicated candidates can be brought to book. In addition, the persons involved in the leakage of the question papers at the printing venues will experience the full might of the law.

The DBE will also address the directives for compliance and improvement as highlighted in the Quality Assurance of Assessment report and submit an improvement plan to Umalusi by 26 March 2021.


The DBE will release the results of all matric candidates on the morning of 23rd February 2021 at 8:00 at their schools and through the print media at 6:30. The general release of matric exam results is expected to take place one day before on the 22nd.

“Congratulations to all learners that have laboured tirelessly to achieve success in this examination. Your efforts will be justly rewarded,” it said.  

“The DBE wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all parents, educators and officials who have been bold and fearless in their commitment to ensuring that the 2020 academic year is successfully completed. The Class of 2020 will forever,  be appreciative of your sacrifices that have made attaining matric a reality,” it added.