Matric results motshekga da

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Matric results: DA reveal ‘real’ pass rate, condemn ‘failing’ DBE

The DA say that the real matric pass rate is closer to 44% than 76%, taking into account the students who didn’t make it to the final hurdle.

Matric results motshekga da

Image vi: flickr

The Democratic Alliance (DA) have questioned the legitimacy of the matric results that were announced on Monday 22 February, saying that Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga erred in proclaiming a 76.2% pass rate. 

Instead, the DA have alleged that the “real” pass rate is closer to 44%, based on comparisons between the number of enrolled students in 2018 and those who ultimately made it to matric in 2020. 

‘Real’ matric pass rate well below standard – DA 

DA Shadow Minister of Basic Education Baxolile Nodada said that while the efforts of matric students in 2020 is extremely commendable given the perilous challenges that they faced, the pass rate announced by Motshekga is a “subterfuge that she can’t get away with”.

“The fact of the matter is that the real Matric pass rate is 44.1%,” he said in a statement on Monday evening. 

Nodada explained that this figure was reached by comparing the number of students that enrolled in 2018 – which was 997 872 – to the number that wrote (578 468) and passed Matric in 2020. 

A total of 440 702 students successfully passed the year. 

“This group of Matrics started with 1 072 993 learners enrolled in 2009 as Grade 1s, which calculates to a real pass rate of 41%,” he said. 

DA lashes out against ‘failing’ Education Department 

Nodada also said that the Western Cape achieved the highest “real pass rate” at 55.8%, and asserted that the national “real pass rate” has increased by 5.16% from 2019.

“The serious concerns plaguing the South African basic education system will never be addressed if the Department continues to try and bury the truth of their ineptitude,” he said.

“This pass rate is disappointing and indicative of the chaotic nature of the 2020 academic year, coupled with the historic challenge of South Africa’s extraordinarily high drop-out rate.”

He said that unless the government urgently engage with stakeholders in order to address failures relating to failing infrastructure and a dated curriculum, “the true Matric pass rate will plummet to the detriment of our children and all our futures”. 

“This generation deserves better than perpetual property,” he said.