Marawa TV: Bob boots SuperSpor

Marawa TV: Bob boots SuperSport scuffle to launch his own channel [video]

Power moves by South Africa’s biggest sportscaster.

Marawa TV: Bob boots SuperSpor

Months after his scuffle with SuperSport, Robert Marawa has dusted off the negative vibes and moved on to greener pastures with a new sports channel he recently launched: Marawa TV.

Why was Robert Marawa fired from SuperSport?

There have been conflicting versions of the reason behind Marawa’s booting.

In May, Marawa took to Twitter to announce that he had been fired by SuperSport via text message, only hours before he was scheduled to host his popular talk show, Thursday Night Live with Robert Marawa.

When probed by fans about this sudden turn of events, Marawa hinted that there were darker forces at play that would threaten his life if he revealed everything right now.

Since the incident, murmurs have circulated from the corridors of SuperSport offices in Randburg, about how this incident bears similarities to how Marawa’s relationship with SABC got tainted in 2017.

Back then, the sportscaster walked out of his Metro FM live show in defence of former radio producer, Beverley Maphangwa.

In Marawa’s view, the former producer was unfairly dismissed and no amount of negotiation was able to sway him to return to the station without Maphangwa.

Sources close to the SuperSport situation have tied the dismissal to Marawa’s latest stance against the unfair treatment of junior employees at the sports network.

Marawa launches his own channel

However, it seems that Marawa has put all of that behind him. On Thursday evening, the sportscaster published a video on social media, announcing the launch of his new YouTube sports channel, Marawa TV.

Where to watch Marawa TV

Marawa’s new channel is live on YouTube. According to the man himself, this platform is an “all-access, opinion based, on-the-ground sports content channel for a global audience.”

“It delivers exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the latest sporting events from around the world with real-time content, updates and interviews profiling teams, players, tournaments and sports cultures.”

Marawa TV

Since announcing the news on his social media pages, the channel has garnered more than 2 000 subscribers, and we have got a feeling that this is only a teaser to the growth the channel will experience.

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