Land expropriation gwede mantashe

Gwede Mantashe – File photo

Mantashe mum on impact of Zuma’s newest Treasury blunder

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe on Monday neither confirmed nor denied that Zuma might be taking further steps against finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

Land expropriation gwede mantashe

Gwede Mantashe – File photo

At a tie when South Africans are looking for firm political leadership, it would seem as if the third most powerful man in the ruling party has none left to give. That, or he’s playing his cards close to his chest so as not to p*ss off whichever camp comes out victorious.

Chatting to media folks shortly after the presidency’s announcement to stop Pravin Gordhan and deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas from garnering investment abroad, Mantashe said there was no chit, nor chat, about the recall at the weekend’s NEC meeting.

On Monday the Rand conked out for a while, following Zuma’s newest hair brained executive move against Treasury, sparking fears of a second Nenegate. The currency which, along with the economy, had been performing increasingly well, took a 40 cent knock against the Dollar and 50 cent knock against the Pound.

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When asked about what impact the president’s decision might have on the currency, Mantashe said it remains to be seen, depending on whether Zuma takes further steps against Gordhan… well, that’s comforting now isn’t it?

“We’ll see the reaction depending on what ultimately happens. The real impact will be seen if there is any other steps taken,” Mansaste said.

Furthermore, Mantashe couldn’t say whether the NEC over the weekend had discussed changes to cabinet — read, firing Gordhan so Zuma can appoint a yes man/woman to Treasury –, so he either knows and doesn’t want to say, or he’s being kept out of the loop.

Earlier this year the SACP — an ANC Tripartite Alliance member with several key cabinet positions — made it clear that, should Zuma get rid of Gordhan, its members would remove Zuma from within the ANC through a motion of no confidence in the national Assembly.

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Question is, how big are the SACP’s cojones and will they bring el presidente to book?